Discipline Faculty

Branding and Enhancing Experiences Through Space

Madhavi Itti Menon

Jonak Das

During her assignment with Lopez Design, Madhavi explored the process of branding and the manifestation of brands in space, through three different projects. The objective was to reevaluate notions of space and explore how curated surroundings could have powerful effects on people. The first project included environmental branding. Through a strategic design intervention, employees were provided an environment of motivation, that embodied company values and captivated clients, resulting in a space of delight.
The second project created a brand strategy for the facade of a health and wellness brand. It celebrated the distinct culture of each region in India, maintained the functionality of elucidating healthcare services to the community and was implementable at the grassroot level. The third project involved brand manifestation through creation of a visual identity, which was extended into physical and digital collaterals, murals, sonic branding, publications and a social media drive.