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Taksheel: A Space Saving Dining Unit

Sharyu Sudhakar Ambadkar

Pravinsinh Solanki

Spacewood, India’s leading manufacturer of modular furniture is constantly evolving with the needs and lifestyles of their customers. Most flats today are characterized by a shortage of space and therefore space saving furniture plays a very important role. Through her project, Sharyu designed ‘Taksheel’, a space saving dining unit which not only utilizes small spaces efficiently, but is also multi-functional, transformable and aesthetically beautiful.
Taksheel was designed to serve multiple functions such as dining and study table, crockery, bar unit and so on. The unit consisted of three main sections; a semi open shelf with a sliding shutter on the top, an open shelf to showcase crockery with a movable box in the centre and a base unit with three divisions including a foldable dining unit, drawer and closed shelves. Castor wheels for smooth mobility and extra storage space added to the functionality of the furniture.