Discipline Faculty

Redefining Repair: An Effort to Improve Human-Product Interactions and Relationships

Sooraj S S

Mohammed Naim

The project explored repairing as an activity to invoke curiosity and the process of giving products a second chance at utility. Through repairing objects, we also repair our relationship with our material possessions. Exploring areas of repair and related value retaining loops like reuse, repurpose and refurbish would allow understanding and formulating better industry norms and products. The idea behind this project was to improve both products as well as human behavior through educating and encouraging people to repair.

The project led to exploring numerous electronics, fittings, components and materials to understand current intervention of design in repair. The availability, mentality and ease of existing repair were also studied to form a complete understanding of the repair scenario. The output of Sooraj’s project tried to bring user as a central stakeholder along with the repair personnel. Multiple design types like behavioral design, speculative design, critical design and systems thinking were used to ideate.