Discipline Faculty

Redesigning the Experience for OLA Outstation Passengers

Ravi Shankar Singh

Jagriti P Galphade

The objext of the project was to design a contextual experience for Ola outstation passengers to overcome boredom during the journey. Ravi went through blogs, articles and research papers to understand contextual awareness from a passenger’s perspective for the same. Questionnaire responses were used
to synthesize affinity mapping to organize complex data into groups. Every user group defined the type of passenger and his attributes, ambitions, needs and wants. With the help of personas, multiple contextual scenarios highlighted passenger behavior in various situations. Visual communication was
required to bring the concept into reality.
The concept of Olaplay device providing an extended view of contextual information was selected due to ease of operation. Ravi created wireframes out of the context and designed the same with specific tasks. To decide the visual language was an engaging process with colors, typography and quirky iconography similar to current vertices of Ola. Final screens were completed based on user and mentor inputs.