Discipline Faculty

Developing Office Furniture out of Solid Bamboo

Sushan Kumar Yumkhaibam

Pradyumna Vyas

The intent of the project was to promote bamboo, through setting up of a bamboo processing facility for bamboo furniture, skill development and training of workers and creating new products. The project was done in collaboration with South Asia Bamboo Foundation (SABF) and Unati Co-operative Marketing-cum-Processing Society Limited. Research was done on raw material availability, bamboo value chain and market requirements. Ten ITI graduates were trained with basic bamboo processing methods for making bamboo furniture for two months.
The scope then extended to creating office furniture designs, to be used in the organizations’ offices and eventually sold to government offices to promote the industry. Sushan kept his designs simple, to ensure that they could be mass-produced and by adding attributes of office or working chairs. The designs showcased various ways of making bamboo furniture, ranging from fixed frame to knock down and even by using the flexibility of bamboo.