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The Best Soup Ever: Childrens’ Book and Book Trailer

Taarini Ravjit Singh

Ajay Tiwari

Tapestree is a brand that aims to bring stories and beautifully crafted products from the Himalayan states, to places of its buyers. ‘The Best Soup Ever’ is a children’s book which tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a young, wild yeti named Ori and a wise old monk. The theme is friendship, kindness, sharing
and teamwork. Taarini’s brief was to write
and illustrate the book for readers of six to
eight years of age.

The story maintained a visual language inspired by local flora and fauna as well as the Thangka style of painting. Taarini researched and developed concepts to create storyboards and animation for the book. She worked on color treatment and illustrations along with sound and
post-production finishing. The book spans over ten spreads. An animated book trailer using stop-motion for one minute and forty seconds was also created.