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What Needs to Stay

Charanya Shekar

Krishna Amin

Bareek was established as a men’s shirt brand with the intent of providing well made, affordable, handwoven shirts. The objective of the project was to design, conceptualize and develop a range of handwoven fabrics to be used in an apparel collection of ten to fifteen menswear ensembles. Apart from this, a systematic design process factoring in materials, aesthetics and client appeal was to be created. The design process included detailed research and theme creation through story and mood board for the collection.
Concept, color palette and iterations were followed by technical specifications of fabrics and garments. Charanya conceptualized and developed a collection taking a cue from all things neo-noir. The designs reflected the retro transformation of the 80s and consisted of ten signature pieces as an upper line extension of the brand. With exquisite attention to detail, the products aimed to spear head Bareek as a design led brand in addition being able to offer the classics.