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Designing the Visual Identity for Les 7 Lieux

Ajitesh Lokhande

Tanishka Kachru

Les 7 Lieux, a new hybrid cultural space in Bayeux, France, approached Graphéine, a branding and visual identity design studio
in Paris, to translate their vision for the brand into a tangible visual identity. Ajitesh worked with Grapheine on this project which began with validation of the context and objectives. The process included interviews with the communications team as well as the research team on Bayeux’s geographical, historical and political scenario and the desired brand image for Les 7 Lieux.
Following an iterative and co-creational design process, a new identity was created with a strong yet versatile visual system with the scope for aging well and staying fresh while accompanying Les 7 Lieux’s brand, as it established its place in the cultural landscape of Normandy. The visual identity system was translated across all the required touchpoints and a brand identity manual was created to guide the future communication design of Les 7 Lieux.