Discipline Faculty

Urban Food Ecology

Vyoma Haldipur

Mohammed Naim

The project undertaken by Vyoma aimed to find a balance between lifestyle changes and environmentalism, by making people achieve the same, through a sustainable design system called ‘Permaculture.’ The designed system resulted from the development of agricultural ecosystems that intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient. Population and urbanization have led to city dwellers being detached from nature, so an eco-friendly lifestyle could help lower the access barriers.
Vyoma detailed out a system to understand various business models to solve the problem. For testing the system, she developed solutions with a collaborating company. The project delved into various domains like food, environmentalism, systems thinking, permaculture, speculative and collaborative design. She also explored the idea of designing as a facilitator. An important quest of the project was to understand the current ill effects of the product industry and to envision the changing role of a product designer in the coming future.