Discipline Faculty

Event, Environment and Visual Branding for Spaces

Riya Mahajan

Jagadish Kumar

Riya undertook three branding projects as part of her assignment with Lopez Design. The design process involved understanding the purpose of branding, identifying the solution and visualising designs in a three-dimensional space. The first project was event branding for the Partners’ Forum 2018 with the objectives of creating unity in all communications (digital and on-site collaterals), brand recall and flexibility to ensure freshness in the build-up
to the final event.
The second project was for environment branding and aimed to create branded environments for the newly renovated
office of IIFL Wealth Management, Mumbai. The third was a visual branding project commissioned by UNICEF on behalf of the Government of India to brand the Government’s Ayushman Bharat programme. The projects differed in terms of the intent, context, process and execution and dealt with different spaces such as outdoor, indoor and the digital space.