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Titan Vision Next: Explorations in Recrafting the Watch Proposition

Jansher Aidan Nongrum

Krishnesh Mehta

The project attempted to recraft the wristwatch proposition from Titan by involving a study into the path dependence of watches, analysis of the brand, trend-mapping, interpretations of Titan’s future and user evolution. By working closely with the sales and marketing divisions of the company, the project explored the current product offerings from the eyes of a non-consumer to bridge the gap between core business efforts and new user segments.
Jansher tried to deviate from core narrative of watches existing as objects of status, wealth, power, style and expression to being objects that allow elegant interactions and new symbiotic relationships. The project ended with the release of a new line of Raga Watches targeted at a younger audience and the successful initiation of an in-house design effort to develop a brand language for Titan’s wrist-based products. This move attempts to harmonize different offerings within the Titan portfolio and differentiate from watches of the brand’s competitors.