Discipline Faculty

Toolkit Development: Design Review App for Indian Railways

Swati Bali

Mohammed Naim

The project aimed at designing an AR-VR-MR application to review the upcoming design proposals of trains and their elements for Indian Railways. The application provides an immersive, virtual environment of trains’ coaches, exteriors and interiors as well as objects with color, material and textures used. Swati proposed an interaction design with objects, menu, toolkits, visual effects, sound appeal and movements for a train journey. The process involved ideation on different experience workflows, users and administration with Information Architecture.
Functional possibilities with VR headset and handset through toolkit design and its elements like 2D and 3D icons, menu palette and gestures were defined. The feasibility of elements in the coding of the application was explored and validated by studying design principles and guidelines on VR applications, case studies and process design, with raw prototyping. The Information Architecture of user, administration and toolkit along with the visual wireframe of the application was designed to show the workflow.