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A Journey Through Jacquard and Embroidery

Ivy Chakma

Aarti Srivastava

Ivy undertook a project with Bharat Silks, a famous export house that creates furnishing, fashion fabrics and garments for the high-end European market. Her brief was to make a modern, geometric and graphic furnishing fabric line using Jacquard. The design approach had to be futuristic yet simple. She studied European editors and the existing fabrics at Bharat silks along with other materials and options like satin, emboss, velvet and transparency.
Ivy designed a collection of borders for elegant and jewelled garments. She learnt adapting and upgrading embroidered designs and sourcing different materials. The artworks for this collection were inspired from nature and the three theme boards were ‘Regal Regency’, ‘Transparent Form’ and ‘Form from Nature’. A number of experiments with design were done, by keeping in mind the vision of the company. A key learning was how embroidery adds value to digital prints and how a simple change of material or size can create a completely different look.