Discipline Faculty

Glass Watches for Titan

Vibhuti Tripathi

Neelima Hasija

The aim of Vibhuti’s project included developing glass wrist watch dials and cases for Titan. The project focused on designing a range of glass watches along the lines of material exploration, incorporating the difficulties of manufacturing and celebrating the watchmaking process with great engineering. It involved collecting information from celebrity fashion trends, analysis of the watch industry, understanding the associated materials and manufacturing process and studying the relationship between people and material association.
Research insights for the new collection allowed exploration of various concepts based on available mood boards and briefs. Themes and mood boards were developed and finalized after extensive trend research. Based on the derived speculation, an exquisite collection of glass watches was designed. Prototyping, design finalization for production and understanding of the packaging and transportation system were other key aspects. The project in many ways was an experiment of material to bring something fresh in the watch market.