Discipline Faculty

Woven Memories of Spices

Tejal Deshpande

Shafique Afzal

During her project with FiveP Venture, Tejal’s objective was to understand the skills and technical nuances of the local skilled weavers of Chennimalai, Tamil Nadu and utilize their weaving skills along with her design sensibilities, to create a new range of handwoven products, that would also benefit the Indian handloom industry. The aim of the project was to make weavers an intrinsic part of the design process by treating them as artisans.
Technical aspects of designing fabric for handloom and factors to help benefit the weavers, were studied while creating a new design language for the brand. Understanding the cluster, weaving styles and history of the weavers was essential to design development. Simple patterned fabrics that were production friendly and durable were used. A conscious effort to add an essence of Tamil Nadu’s vibrant culture and history was put into developing a collection of contemporary sarees with the weavers of Chennimalai.