Discipline Faculty

Integrated Modular Laundry Unit

Banani Das

Pravinsinh Solanki

The project was for the ecosystem of laundry wherein multiple products are integrated and detached to perform laundry activities. Different spaces process and accomplish time consuming laundry services in different ways. Banani pushed herself to rethink the system of user interaction with domestic appliances to live an organized life. She researched Indian laundry habits from segregation till ironing and identified multiple challenges. Her primary focus was on design innovation, colors, material usage and ergonomic structure.
The journey was an amalgamation of her designs, user needs, and IFB’s directions. Banani had user interaction, home visits and information collected about spaces, that opened new doors towards idea development. Considering dependence on domestic help or outside laundry services gave a deeper understanding of user lifestyle. A rigorous process of idea building led to product sketches with distinctive approaches and modules. Each prototype ensured a final product fit for mass manufacturing as per IFB’s quality concerns and standards.