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Menla: Healthcare App for Mountain Communities

Himadri Patel

Gayatri Menon

La is an in-house brand of Echostream, a mountain product brand which emerged as a solution to the challenges faced by communities living in the mountains. Its focus is on evolving collaborations between designers, creators and artisans and the consumers in times of constant development in current and future paradigms. It started as a collective community to provide design services to the Government of Sikkim and communities for the broader development agendas in Sikkim.
As a part of her project, Himadri’s initial brief was to develop products relevant to local problems. Context-specific challenges in Sikkim’s healthcare needed immediate attendance and thus began the primary and secondary research to understand the existing systems for the same. Three directions were finally chosen for analysis collectively by the team. Himadri designed a healthcare application for personalized healthcare in mountain communities as the medium was most applicable and relevant to the context.