Discipline Faculty

Living Waters Museum: A Digital Museum of Water

Swarnika Nimje

Tanishka Kachru

The Living Waters Museum collates the rich traditions of water practices in India by building knowledge that commemorates the past, inspires the present and learns for the future. Swarnika worked with the museum on their progressive and thoughtful 3Cs approach; collaboration, curation and communication. She designed an exhibition at the India Environment Festival themed ‘I am Water,’ showcasing water stories through photography. The idea of an interactive museum telling stories broke its stereotype of formal and quiet spaces.
Swarnika’s second project was to develop ‘Water Varta’, an exhibition co-curated with Vechaar Utensil Museum. She aimed to build value-perspective by celebrating water wisdom and exploring the heritage around water and food in Gujarat. A short film on the history of water utensils was screened at the opening ceremony. She also developed a series of games and educational activities for young visitors and as an outreach strategy for Ahmedabad schools in the process.