Discipline Faculty

UI UX for Intellect Digital Lending ‘18

Sweta Bhardwaj

Jagadish Kumar

Sweta’s project sought to bring traditional banks at par with the digital banks taking over the financial industry. The focus of the project was to deliver an application to help employees
in the lending units of banks. The brief of the project entailed designing screens, that could provide a similar user experience across multiple form factors, for their lending suite of products. In addition to this, a metrics for measuring the user experience across multiple parameters was also required.
Intellect has a Configure Once and Re-use Anywhere (CORA) capability, which essentially means that through a single code base, the system is intelligent enough to render it across multiple platforms and form factors. The designed product IDL ‘18 was exclusively customizable to banks’ needs; providing a 360-degree view of the customer and management of potential customers too. The integration of Google apps made these applications universal. Being a multi-user CRM platform, it was omnichannel in nature.