Discipline Faculty

Stakeholder Collaboration in Adobe CC

Arumani Muthu J

Dr Jignesh Khakhar

Working from one’s own space in the modern-day world of telecommuting by making use of the internet, telephone and digital collaboration has become inevitable. The process of creative collaboration happens across multiple domains through desktop, mobile and web applications between stakeholders. The human-centered design project proposed a collaborative outlook for designers and their stakeholders such as clientele, managers and reviewers in three of Adobe’s software - Illustrator, InDesign and XD.
The final outcome was the design of a set of features, interactions and graphical user interfaces for stakeholder collaboration experiences in the tools offered by the company. It was a challenge to find the collaborative needs for a designer while using a product like InDesign or Illustrator and not replicate the existing collaborative tools with the creative tools. It was decided rather identify the collaborative techniques that really benefit the design process and make the designers’ experience delightful.