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Redesigning the UI and UX of the Digital Loan Origination System for Bankers

Ravisankar V Panikassery

Jagadish Kumar

Intellect Design Arena Ltd., is a global leader in Financial Technology for banking, insurance and other financial services. The project brief was to design a white label Client Relationship Management software for them, with the target audience being Relationship Managers. Ravisankar’s rationale behind undertaking the project was to understand how design process was applied in businesses and secondly, how the process could be applied in the banking arena, not one of the most creative of fields.
The design process began with client interactions and research including the study of banking basics and digital banking systems. The planning and ideation phase involved understanding LOS operations and the system prototype leading to deliverables such as finalized activity analysis of stakeholders, user persona, information architecture and user journey. Thereafter, software was acquired for developing wireframes and high-fidelity UI. The entire design was done with the organization’s UX design team and key screens of the white label product were consolidated.