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Counter Display and FaÇade Design for Jewellery Brand Retail Showroom

Ahelee Sarkar

Jonak Das

Ahelee worked with Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers (VBJ) for her graduation project. VBJ is a popular jewellery brand, famous for in-house signature collections. The brief was to develop and redesign the signature collection displays and front facades for the organization’s flagship showroom in Chennai. The experience was exciting, given that Ahelee had to work within a new culture, environment, people and language. The challenges came in different genres, from understanding the subject to learning to communicate with the team.
The design process began with understanding and delving deep into the concept of Visual Merchandising. From referencing published and online sources to market exploration via research, data was collected and assessed to build the knowledge base and get a first-hand experience. Ahelee delivered the concept designs of counter displays and facades, based on the themes of the five signature collections named ‘Persiana’, ‘Dalia’, ‘Kirigami’, ‘Navaratna’ and ‘Multi- Sapphire’.