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Tok Tok: Personal Mobility Device for Mountain Cities

Rajdeep Savenkar

Krishnesh Mehta

Looking at mobility in mountains as the project domain, Rajdeep’s focus was to improve the geo-sensitive mobility and approach it through a product design process in Gangtok and surrounding areas. The concept of a personal load carrying device was taken forward to incorporate body coordination to make it user friendly. Inspiration was taken from the local mobility device used by porters which is a combination of a head strap and adjustable ropes to hold weight by tightening itself around the load.
The concept is a walkable, foldable and collapsible device with two small bicycle tyres and a cane body with the strap to hold the load. An alternate mode of a backpack style was also designed for places with no roads. This allowed the user to carry the load like a backpack after sliding the wheelbase outside. The form factor had to balance the function of simple load-bearing structure and aesthetics of non-bulky appearance and material qualities of bamboo cane.