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G-Smart: New Range of Smart Switches for GM Modular Pvt. Ltd.

Aniket Niraj Kunte

Mohammed Naim

The degree project was undertaken for GM Modular which designs advanced home products for a better lifestyle. The organization had conducted an extensive design intervention research to launch their next collection of home appliances. Aniket’s brief was to simplify the existing home automation systems in the market and come up with a new range of smart switches for progressive, smart customers.
Research was conducted to study competitors’ products. Aniket designed a range of switches with all functionalities in a single item. The inspiration for the first range of switches was ‘human expressions’ to help users feel good. Aniket learnt to follow the complete design process from planning to execution through the project. He found it challenging to keep up with the aspects of market demand as well as materials and production time and cost, while working on the commercial feasibility of the project.