Discipline Faculty

Personalised LED Lighting

Binayak Mondal

Mohammed Naim

The project was to introduce a new range of lighting products to the existing portfolio of GM Modular. The outcome and type of lighting fixture was reached after undergoing a design process that included market study, trend study, analysis of the lighting industry and user behavior. The first direction was to design a light that toggles between task lighting and ambient lighting using an intuitive, physical interaction to provide appropriate environments for both working and relaxing, shaping into a ‘personalized portable light for the urban youth’.
The second light was based on the objective of finding the relationship between daylight and time of the day, taking inspiration from the Sun’s movement across the sky and changes in the colors. The aim was to familiarize the current generation of busy and indoor staying people to the nature’s timetable, which would motivate them to get fresh air or align their schedule with the rhythm of nature.