Discipline Faculty

Drag Queens of Bengaluru

Sanjay Premanand

Rishi Singhal

The primary objective of the project was to explore the world of drag in India. Being in a nascent stage, drag culture today tells a different story in this part of the world. Historically rich, the act of cross dressing for performances has evolved to give form to modern day drag queens. Books, films and music provided abundant literature while unheard voices were studied through social media. The process involved experiencing the environment and studying cross dressing as an emotion.
Backstage moments of extravagance and body transformations formed the core outcome of the study followed by collaborations with drag artists. Staged performative portraits were used to share their personal stories and consequently as the base for developing the narrative. These experiences were alternatively explored as fragments of a drag dream. Sanjay’s key learnings included gaining new perspectives on gender, especially in the context of the LGBTQ community.