Discipline Faculty

Way Finding for Malls of the Future

Rhea Kalapura

Jonak Das

Idea Spice offered Rhea possibilities of the potential future in visual technology. Dubai being the project base presented its high-end markets as the subject of advanced enterprise solutions in the associated progress of trade and tourism. Looking at the conventional signage and their static nature in developing countries, Rhea saw an opportunity in improved visual signage equipped with modern technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and holograms. The guidance helped Rhea in recreating and remodelling enhanced interactivity through signages.
Due to a lack of advanced technology and high cost, some concepts had to be annulled at the preliminary stage, so Rhea settled with practical concepts like Augmented Reality and Orbach sensors. Placed in interactive boxes at critical areas of the mall, they advertised and entertained customers with an awe-inspiring experience in locating their destinations. The futuristic project gave Rhea a sense of gratification in skill development and creating designs for wayfinding technology.