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Branding for Apnapun: A T-Shirt Brand

Suchit Ashtekar

Nanki Nath

Though his project, Suchit built a T-shirt design brand named ‘Apnapun’ in the domain of ‘pun’ with the elements of graphic design to create a meaningful impact. Apnapun is an Indian brand that stands for unity in diversity reflecting the varied image of our country. The project included intensive research and study on various printing techniques, T-shirt graphics and youth user persona.

An understanding of T-shirt designs that could talk about a person’s moods and way of thinking or share social messages or the personality of an individual wearing it, using pun was developed. The aim was to incorporate a hidden meaning which when cracked, could create a sense of joy, happiness, surprise or perhaps give reason to think and initiate a conversation. Screen printing was the chosen medium of printing. Being an environment conscious brand, the packaging used organic and eco-friendly material. The project also included the strategy to build a sustainable brand identity.