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Designing an Interface for Digital Math Education in Schools

Krishnokoli Roy Chakraborty

Jagadish Kumar

The project was an attempt to challenge and demystify the techniques of imparting and learning mathematics. Krishnokoli achieved this through a website designed to figure out a simple framework, with features to increase the product’s usability. She tried to evolve the education ecosystem by studying both digital and manual classroom structures, the end users and Playpower’s competitors. While conducting the research, she learnt about the characteristics, needs, desires and preferences of the users.
She also assessed how the competition met the users’ needs, by ascertaining their perceptions of the products and identifying usage patterns. An in-depth analysis of trends in the user data elicited during research, was the base on which a set of distinct user profiles was determined. Her study also involved interviews and online quantitative data that helped in designing a suitable business model and established her product in the market. The user interface was designed by keeping user experience
in mind.