Discipline Faculty

Handcrafted for USA: Indian Crafts for the International Market

Subhrajit Ghosal

Mohammed Naim

The project was an attempt to bring crafts to an international platform with ready-to-use products as well as a place in contemporary homes. Observing the demand for handmade products from India in the international market, Baaya Design planned to expand its venture through E-commerce in the U.S.A. To analyze the sense of aesthetics from both American and Indian perspectives, Subhrajit conducted research and understood the factors essential for sales through E-commerce.
Feedback from clients along with the goals of the company CEO helped to structure the project better. Regular craft cluster visits provided a better understanding of the production process. Making handcrafted products is a task that evolves the products to face the market better. Subhrajit fulfilled his responsibility as a designer to support the craft and to stand as an organized, developed sector, making products that were ready to compete not only in India, but also the international market.