Discipline Faculty

Happy Hands: Handwash Station

Shilpa Sivaraman

V S Ravishankar

The project involved creating a product which helped Autistic kids maintain hand hygiene. Autistic people need extra guidance to learn basic skills for an independent and healthy life. Shilpa began with visiting special schools and tried to understand how Autistic kids perform their daily hygiene activities, by interviewing teachers, parents and therapists. After ideation, mock-ups were made for the users to try. Shilpa also conducted workshops for them.
Initially it seemed that the product was too basic, but user testing reassured the design direction was correct. The initial apprehension of designing a useful product for people with Autism had its own challenges and restrictions, but considering their choices, Shilpa felt it was the right decision. The complex project gave her an opportunity to learn and participate in things beside designing. She understood how important research and communication are for projects that require a sensitive perspective, in cases like Autism.