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Dream Madiwala: A Generative Research Driven Project with a System-Service Deliverable aimed at reducing the Uncooked Food Surplus left to waste at Local Mandis

Mridu Jhangiani

V S Ravishankar

The project aimed to reduce the uncooked food surplus going to waste each day in the Madiwala food market. Mridu’s intensive research had a system-service deliverable with a human-centered design process. A participatory approach was used to ensure that the project was driven by, for and with the users from beginning to end. To reduce food wastage of the farm-to-fork supply chain, a combination of both linear and non-linear processes, diverging-converging activities and micro-macro level interventions were studied.
Opportunities were identified to facilitate co-design activities, synthesize data and test prototypes, to arrive at the best solution. Implementing the process and its legalities were challenging. Knowledge creation from market-slum research, capturing the seventeen consolidated insights and a toolkit for similar intervention for other markets were the outcomes of the project. Key takeaways were to empower both the parties and make them independent of any external support.