Discipline Faculty

Brand Development for an Indian Craft Gin

Aayushi Katare

Dr. Shilpa Das

Aayushi’s project delved into the development of a craft Gin brand and focused on strategy development, conceptualization, visual cues and narratives for the brand, keeping in mind an international market. The project also included insights into the packaging development for the Gin. The initial phase of the project overlooked development and visualization of a concept and creation of a visual universe that supported the brand and its ethos.
The project was anchored through research as there are no precedents of a similar product in India making it one of the first. The second phase focused on creating a visual system and packaging for the Gin. The packaging actively tapped into the Indian sensibility and incorporated the culture of traditional crafts and hand-crafted aesthetics of our country. The research and brand development were compiled into a comprehensive publication serving as a compendium of research and visual cues, that can be used for further design of brand collaterals.