Discipline Faculty

Visual Chant

Shilpa Dwivedi

Krishna Amin

The brand, Prema Florence Isaac in Auroville, Pondicherry, believes that traditional art forms should be prevented from disappearing in changing times and so, keeping the ancient Tangail weaving tradition alive sits firmly at the heart of the brand’s mission and values. After an extensive study of the brand language and the traditional Tangail fabric from West Bengal, the process moved to the stage of story building, concept development and creation of refined motifs and color palette.
Shilpa’s project celebrated the journey of composing two extremely beautiful art forms, Tangail from West Bengal and Kolam from Auroville, together onto a single canvas. Color inspiration for the first collection ‘Visual Chant’ sprung from the core of Auroville itself. A range of twelve ensembles for the second collection ‘Serendipity’ was then developed. Modernizing these traditional textiles in contemporary fashion, created new aesthetics for the brand which were refreshingly current and indigenous at the same time.