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Upcycle Before Recycle: Rethinking the Lifecycle of Front Load Washing Machine Packaging

Ashwathy Chulliparambil Satheesan

V S Ravishankar

After its dutiful journey starting at the manufacturer, packaging of home appliances retires for disposal from the customer’s house. The project was a quest to make a positive change through micro and macro aspects of front load washing machine packaging and its life cycle. Ashwathy generated multiple ideas to repurpose the packaging by decentralizing the solution involving customers in the process. The project concluded with two directions aligned with each other.
The first one was to upcycle the existing packaging with minimum change to the current infrastructure and enhance customer experience. It was an evocative prototype to change the mindset of people and to show the potential of packaging that is generally thrown away. The idea was a small introductory step to the second direction which was to change the material in the existing packaging to a biodegradable and reusable solution. Ashwathy’s project redefined the future of appliance packaging.