Discipline Faculty

Dastan E Vhampire

Risabh Banshkar

Ajay Tiwari

Rishabh conceptualized and created the animation film ‘Dastan E Vhampire’, which presents intriguing visuals that have been animated, over a spontaneous storytelling voice-recording, by a ten-year-old voice actor Vihaan. The story is about a world that needs to be saved from vampires who have taken over computer viruses, that have taken over the humans. The festival of Holi and the ‘holi water’ is the only way to end the evil.
For data collection, Rishabh had many conversations with Vihaan to understand his play environment and the kind of media he consumed. This helped to build a world around the visual aids got from Vihaan and to interconnect elements in the story to complete the visual language. The world in the film and the character design included Indian references. Experimenting with shots and transitions, lights and color were some of the developmental processes, followed by animating test runs before the final animation.