Discipline Faculty

Channapatna + Dying Craft + Toy Making

Kushagrah Rajnesh Kalia

Shrinkhala Aren

Mapro Foods Pvt. Ltd. is among the leading food and drink products distributor in India. Their product range spans from jams, syrups, chocolates and crushes, of which Falero is a leading product. The objective of the project was to create in house brand videos for Mapro in form of five stories namely ‘Sugar story’, ‘Falero story’, ‘Strawberry festival’, ‘Fruit story’ and ‘Eco story’. Each story showcased how the organization helps sustainability of the local areas of Wai and Panchgani in Maharashtra.
The initial project brief was based on virtual reality and creation of 360 videos to showcase the company’s production lines. After conducting in depth research, it was concluded that VR implementation was not required and brand videos were a better solution. The project was entirely managed by Kushagrah from pre to post production. Three brand videos were created which were screened at the organization’s Wai factory and the Mapro garden in Panchgani.