Discipline Faculty

Next Generation Pressure Gauge

Shishir Raj

Mohammed Naim

Current analog pressure gauges are plagued with poor user experience and are prone to problems such as overpressure, vibration, corrosion, extreme temperatures, accidental damages and the like. The objective of the project was to develop a next-generation digital pressure gauge for the process industry, by catering to the needs of primary on-field stakeholders, through enhanced experience and accessibility. An intensive need-finding and technical approach was mapped out for the project with form sophistication as a priority for a superior look.
Shishir designed a full-fledged working proof of concept which was developed and tested. 3D printed mock-ups with thermocol models were made. The final product allowed usage with wireless communication, through an application. Readability was enhanced, reflection was reduced and on-spot unit conversion was made accessible. Parallax error was solved and a rotatable mounting feature enhanced the ergonomics of the gauge. A bold design element gave it a premium finish.