Discipline Faculty

Jewellery Collections for Isharya

Shubhi Gupta

Amresh Panigrahi

Shubhi’s project was to create jewellery for Isharya’s 15 year long journey of adorning women, who break the mould and challenge boundaries. The process involved studying the target market, user needs and demands, understanding their existing values and bringing aesthetics to the range, by mapping trends and future predictions related to body art. Market research helped her to understand the industry by observing trends, understanding patterns and analyzing how jewellery is sold.

The first collection was inspired by the royal Indian ambience of Sheesh Mahal and its colorful history mixed with chivalry and grandeur. The second collection was around a hollow-solid theme that showed a balance between gold filigree and cotton ball pearl,
in a contemporary style. The key learning from the project was that being smitten with a design was not enough but looking at it without bias was equally important for the product to be successful.