Discipline Faculty

Mishtach: Surface Design Techniques for Greenware

Vivitsa Kohli

Neelima Hasija

The idea of ‘Simple Art in Function’ was Vivitsa’s vision for the project. Economic designs with decorative themes drove the concept of surface design techniques. Using readily available tools with adaptable clay is an economical approach for an independent artist or hobbyist to experiment. Her idea revolved around the design and capability of users by exploring previous techniques and developing new ones.
Vivitsa struggled to segregate the techniques into umbrella terms to get the briefs and methods under them. The outcome was a written manual with methods of user-study through workshops. She learnt how users responded to various techniques, the issues they faced or the experiments they conducted. Different user perspectives and the element selection to compose something artistic were various answers absorbed in the process. Despite the language barrier in Israel, it was an enriching experience for her to teach people
of all ages.