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Products for Provocation: Evoking Curiosity through Intelligent Objects

Harshali Girish Paralikar

Krishnesh Mehta

Discursive Design is the deliberate use of objects as thought catalysts, with an intent of generating introspection and discussion. The aim of the project was to practice discursive design in the Indian context, explore alternative Indian futures and speculations and put forth intelligent, questioning products for common consumption. The project was conducted with the Museum of Curious Imaginings (MOCI), a brand focused on evoking wonder, fascination and curiosity in other activities and products.
The MOCI was founded by Ayaz Basrai and Tarangini Jindal, Product Design alumni of NID. The outputs were creation of three product lines with an intent to evoke inquisitiveness through their story, form and interaction with the audience. The discursive design was a pivotal reference point at the beginning of Harshali’s venture and she developed a nuanced interpretation in tandem with client needs without relying on any established framework by the end of the project.