Discipline Faculty

Modular Lighting System

Annu Mathew

Swagata S Naidu

Under this project, Annu had to build a line of high-end lighting solutions for premium homes and hospitality projects. It was an attempt to create premium products which could be introduced worldwide through a series of exhibitions and shows, talking about the design, its processes and future possibilities. This was made possible with the help of Tata Ceramics Ltd., a bone china tableware company which produces superior quality bone china wares.
The material and processes were used to make the luminaire. Annu visited residences of multiple high-end customers to understand their ideology, that could to be incorporated in the design, resulting in a modular lighting structure.
The outcome of the project was a system of lighting which could be set up in any kind of space and further manipulated according
to the user space and individual needs. The project taught Annu how to understand the demand, design and marketing of superior quality products.