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Hyundai Spingo: The Last Mile Logistics Vehicle Concept

Elvis Pallippat Raju

Balaji Rengarajan

With the rapidly growing demand for online deliveries, the need for fully integrated omnichannel retailing is on a hike. As a part of his project with Hyundai, Elvis’s brief was to design a delivery vehicle to make the last mile distribution more efficient for online shopping. The scope of work involved examining the present scenario of delivery vehicles and the character of the segment that could be redefined to add value for the consumers. It also looked at the emotional connect of the users to their ride and how it enhanced the vibe received.
Factors such as traffic woes, job time on roads, road conditions, waiting time for delivery, scattered locations and hang-out points of multiple delivery boys were taken into account to determine the design aspect. The pain points helped Elvis design a vehicle that made the delivery process easier and enhanced the emotion and character of the service it offered.