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Unfold: Exhibition Stall Design

Pankti Jasoria

Jonak Das

Clients from different industry sectors approach Black Pepper India for the design and execution of temporary exhibitions for different expositions. Pankti’s graduation project included a compilation of the study, analysis and designing of exhibition stall, done for 29 different brands during her assignment with them. The process involved understanding how temporary exhibitions are made, gaining knowledge about corporate and spatial branding, working with large scale, heavy exhibits and lighting, creating flexible designs and finally executing the event. For Posco, one of the clients, a presentation was created with their requirements and goals. Concepts themes and titles were developed based on keywords generated, followed by layout design. Based on the approved concept, the space was divided into four different themes based on the client’s geographical location. Next, a color scheme, color palette and mood board with maps and skyline was created. A sense of harmony was ensured amongst all the elements for better displays.