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The Kund Series: A Range of Table and Storage

Nitish Bhagwan Patil

P Rama Krishna Rao

The initial design brief was to design a list of products in wood for the upper middle-income group. Nitish’s role at The Design Collective was to take responsibility of the products from sketch to completion depending on the client’s requirement. The design had to be sustainable and economical. The visual language was to be inspired from India and to aid this, Nitish visited places such as Agra, Delhi, Banaras and Suraj Kund to observe and collect forms and patterns.
Market research was done mainly in Delhi, which has multiple furniture markets for different audiences. ‘Kund’ was chosen as the inspiration because they are found all over India. The product design took the three main functions of a Kund into consideration and ideation was mostly done with sketches. For some concepts 3D models were made and rendered. The final concepts for production were chosen and refined through design intent drawings with outer dimensions and form.