Discipline Faculty

The Emporium: At the Edge of Certainty

Ayushi Srivastava

Prahlad Gopakumar

Crow is a theatre company that creates immersive experiences. By combining the live aspect of theatre and the interactivity of gaming, Ayushi helped Crow in building multi-sensorial worlds that the audience could explore, touch, inhabit and influence. To create an experiential set, she studied how spaces and acts work together. Her primary challenge was to understand the act and visualize the action happening in that space, then create the space as visualized. This required figuring the right elements by sourcing and building different material from scratch.
Ayushi delivered a set design for the show by developing space in such a way that it directed how audience see, feel and move around. Every visit to an immersive theatre or an exhibition created an experience that differed with each audience visit. She was responsible for managing the budget, marketing and hands-on work. Her graduation project was a perfect on-the-job learning experience.