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Design and Development of Professional Kitchen and Tableware Knives for Reha Craft

Rohit Ramesh Chandak

Krishna Amin

Khamir was instituted after the earthquake of 2001 in Gujarat and has been empowering the creative industries of Kachchh ever since. Reha is a craft known for its technique to make cutlery tools, knives, agrarian equipment, swords and armoires which served the local community and royal families. However, with changing times, the craft lagged in transforming itself to meet the ongoing expectations. Rohit’s brief was to make the craft relevant for the market by understanding current needs and market exposure.
The design interventions to preserve the traditional process were explored, for the community to be able to take the craft forward. Rohit developed a fine range of lifestyle products in the tableware and kitchenware category, for hospitality industry and domestic markets. He also educated several artisans about market opportunities and the value of designs and quality, with the hope that it would be taken forward to find new opportunities.