Discipline Faculty

Happy Anniversary: A Short Fiction Film

Dhruv Satija

Prahlad Gopakumar

The project is a film based on a couple, Amit and Seema, who has lived an ordinary life for 36 years. Amit spends his retirement days with tea, news and technology while Seema’s days are divided between marriage and motherhood. They appear well-greased, until a debate by their six-year-old granddaughter on her individuality, triggers Seema to question her dependency and identity. A shortage of interests and individuality gnaws at her to recognize the need for personal space to thrive.
Soaked in the sense of purpose, Seema looks for a definite shift into a room of her own. Amit is shocked by this revelation and rejects the idea, only to unearth his insecurities. There is no hero or villain in this saga, just victims of circumstances, guilty of performing toxic traditions unquestioningly. They begin to negotiate and understand each other better and embark on another year of their married
life with a renewed understanding.