Discipline Faculty

Functional Formals

Aishwarya Aishwarya

Amit Sinha

Through her project with Arvind Ltd., under the brand US POLO Assn, Aishwarya conceptualized, designed and developed a collection of Men’s Functional Formal Wear addressing the garment related needs of customers. A piece of clothing has two main identities, one that is associated with aesthetics and the other with its function. Trends research suggested that along with quality products, utility is starting to gain recognition as a vital parameter in the selection for wardrobe essentials. The project aimed to investigate the aspect of functionality in a garment. The new collection to be designed needed to also solve the keys problems faced by customers.
Issues such as arm and back movement, sweating, buttoning, underarm mobility, chest and trouser pocket utility and waist circumference adjustments were the problems areas worked upon. The designed collection included formal shirts and trousers that overcame these issues, with the incorporation of unique fabrics, modified silhouettes, surface treatments and brand language appropriate aesthetic garment design.