Discipline Faculty

Trasara: A Womenswear Collection for SS19

Namitha R

Krishna Amin

The project focused on fabrics produced in The Kanhirode Weavers’ Co-Op. PandS Society Ltd, Kannur to develop contemporary womenswear collections, with the aspiration to create a unique brand identity for Kerala handlooms in the apparel industry. The assignment aimed to portray a connection between the cultural heritage and modern-day apparel needs of women in Kerala.

Namitha worked closely with artisans to understand the handloom sector of the region and characteristics of the fabric produced. The unique coloring properties of ayurvedic plants and quality handwoven textiles were combined with modern aesthetics to create a range of garments fit for the modern apparel industry. Trends were analyzed for inspiration and designs were created. The final collection ‘Trasara’, was an exclusive blend of traditional Keralite and modern silhouettes upholding simplicity and minimalism. Dyed with natural, ayurvedic plants and woven by skilled weavers in Kerala, the collection was a testament to comfort and quality.